Thursday, 14 April 2016



WALT: Retell a past event.
WILF: Correct sequence of events.

“No school work today, we're cooking” Miss Wihongi replied happily. Woo Hoo I thought to myself, we’re cooking again.“Keishana” Miss Wihongi Called. I dashed quickly to the back of the class and shoved the grippy blue latex gloves, on. I snatched a sharp yellow potato peeler from the stack of peelers. I held my juicy red firm apple in my other hand. I began to peel. Yay all the skin is off. I dashed to chop my apple into halves and quarters. I Began to slice it thinly. I slid my mound of apples into the big bulky pot. It’s ready to stew. Off to the staff room we rushed. I mixed the sugar and butter together. Then flour. It looked like dirty looking bread crumbs. I sprinkled bread crumbs on the top of the stewed apples. I slid the two trays into the hot blazing oven. It smelt like buttery popcorn. I peered into the super sizzling hot oven. The bubbles reminded me of Ngawha springs. “It’s ready whanau haere mai ki te kai” shouted Miss Wihongi excitedly. I sprinted to grab a humongous bowl. I waited for everyone else. I hungrily scooped a massive mouthful. Yay ya I thought. What a awesome day.